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Social media management and advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) –  pay per click PPC

Website & App development

Search engine optimization ( SEO )

Content creation and marketing

Branding services

Social media management and advertising 

Social media has become a natural extension of any digital presence, with two-way communications at the heart of the expectation of any internet user. In this light, Total Syndication social media certified strategists will set the right goals to put your website under the spotlight by targeting different segments through relevant social media platforms to convert users into website visitors and consequently potential customers. Total Syndication will launch, activate, and manage your brand’s online presence by developing communication strategies, executing them, and monitoring the progress of conversations and conversions.

    Social Media Consultancy and Optimization

    On-going Community Management and Content generation

    Social Media Engagement, monitoring and reporting

    Supporting application concept, design and development

    Supporting advertising strategies and execution

    Listening and measuring the brand share of voice on the world wide web

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) 

Total Syndication puts your website on the right track by mapping essential keywords relevant to your business using the latest search engine optimization techniques. Our experts optimize every page of your website, backed by the best digital practices, to increase your traffic & rankings for vetted keywords and long-tail phrases that drive business to your site.

    Keyword research

    Optimize existing content

    Create and implement new content

    Mobile optimization

    Image optimization

    Internal linking structure

    Implement analytics and provide reports

    Google Maps optimization 

    Backlink building

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) –  pay per click PPC

Total Syndication experts offer an all-in-one SEM service that handles your search engine marketing strategy from top to bottom: research, execution, testing, and tracking.

Our SEM experts can help you use paid search as a strategic supplement to your content marketing campaigns.

    Keyword research 

    Campaign optimization 

    Quality score optimization 

    Bid management 

    Lead generation campaigns 

    Retargeting and remarketing

Content creation and marketing

In Total Syndication, we embrace your own content or reformulate it through creative and innovative ways, and use the right techniques with marketing objectives in mind. We look towards content as the most effective tool to cultivate credibility and trust with your fans while empathizing with their needs. Therefore, Total Syndication creates the most relevant content that starts conversations, and then nurtures these discussions into strong relationships and, eventually, sales.    

  • Ongoing Strategy & Ideation
  • Editorial & Copy-Editing Services
  • Creative Design & Review
  • Video production 
  • Audio production
  • Influencer Marketing

Website & App development 

Whether you are a small or large business seeking a professional online presence, Total Syndication web designers and developers will invest the necessary time to explore your detailed requirements, then integrate them with the necessary recommendations and strategic positioning before proceeding to its detailed execution. Total Syndication will take your goals and target market into account starting from concept and UX/UI creation, to defining the suitable technologies, to final development and execution.

    Full-Cycle Web design and Development 

    Landing pages 

    Mobile apps 

    Website auditing and maintenance 

    Hosting and domain 

Branding services

We help our clients achieve recognition for excellence in marketing. We present different strategic design concepts and with your input, create a visual identity for your entity that meets your strategic and aesthetic goals, Branding dictates how customers feel about your business and, when done right, can elicit an emotional response at every touch point. Businesses with strong brands retain loyal customers for the long run and have an easier time appealing to new audiences because they already know what those companies stand for.

    Building a brand identity from the ground up.

    Rebranding established businesses.

    Establishing brand positioning and messaging.

    Creating a branding strategy.

    Designing company logos.

    Formulating brand guidelines for design, style and tone.